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Hospital Car Service

Hospital Car Service logoThe Hospital Car Service is run for the residents of Buckingham and the surrounding villages in North Bucks by Community Care North Bucks. The car service provides transport to and from hospital for patients attending outpatient appointments or day treatment. The drivers wait and provide support for the patients transported.

The service covers all the hospitals which folk in North Bucks attend, namely Milton Keynes, Stoke Mandeville, High Wycombe, Amersham, Oxford JR and the Churchill at Oxford. Occasionally visits to hospitals outside these are made, for example Northampton, London and Windsor.

The people who use our service are in the main those who have no other means of transport or support for example the disadvantaged, lonely and elderly. In particular those who live in the villages are isolated because of a lack of public transport and our service provides a vital link with the hospitals they need to attend.

The past four years have seen significant changes to health provision which has led to an increasing demand. These changes flow from the restructuring and centralising of hospital services with patients now having to attend hospitals at some distance from their homes. The main examples being the need to attend appointments in High Wycombe and the Oxford hospitals, often early in the morning when no ambulance service available. Even for those later in the day the ambulance service cannot guarantee a service and when they do the journey and waiting times are considerable which for the patients we serve cause serious problems.

The Hospital Car Service case study can be found on the Community Impact Bucks website.

Please note

The Hospital Car Service is accessed only via the receptionists at GP surgeries.

Interested in helping ?

We are in need of more drivers to help with the Hospital Car Service. If you are interested and would like more details please contact Sue Watkins on 01280-816266.

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